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Reflexology for Sports

One thing that I am most passionate about is sporting activities, particularly running. I know how important it is to keep your body in tip top condition and Reflexology has certainly helped me to achieve this.


Unfortunately for us sporty types who occasionally push ourselves to the limit and beyond, this usually means injury and again Reflexology can help to assist with recovery.  


By making Reflexology part of your regular training, you will be playing from a vantage point of strength and balance.


The word in sports is balance! For the professional marathoner as well as the weekend runner, the key to peak athletic performance is keeping in balance.  


Athletes know better than anyone else how important it is for the body to be in peak physical condition and this means cooperation between various parts and the systems of the body


Balance in sports is physical, mental, emotional and interpersonal.  


The physical body needs a balance of energies, emotions need to be kept in check so that they work for you not against you and a cool head is needed to keep advantages and disadvantages in perspective.


Should you have Reflexology session immediately before a competition?  

It depends. Serious athletes shouldn’t be too relaxed and loose before a competition. Staying psyched up requires a certain amount of tension and adrenaline.  


Sports counsellors would suggest for competitive athletes, Reflexology should be given about two days before and not on the day of a big event.  


For those who compete for fun rather than a living, Reflexology could be just the thing to help unwind from normal living and get ready for the event.


However you incorporate Reflexology into your routine it should make you feel less tired and heavy after a game or race.



We all know how being injured can set you back, not only can you not play or run, you lose training time, you can’t exercise and when you do return to exercise, you can’t just pick up where you left off.  











Furthermore most people are left with residual soreness or a weakened condition which could affect your game for the rest of your life. Most people learn to live with it but reflexology can eliminate much of it altogether.


There is no hard proof as to why athletes who receive reflexology have fewer injuries but it makes sense that if the body is well balanced and functioning well and your concentration is more finely tuned, you should be able to make better judgements when you’re not physically up to it and not push yourself over the limit.


This in itself will prevent injuries. We know that people tend to sleep better, feel more rested and consequently have more energy when they receive Reflexology on a regular basis.


The body is like a pond, it should never become stagnant, and this goes for everyone.


Our bodies become accustomed to a level of activity and when that activity curtails for reasons such as a busy work schedule or illness our bodies become stagnant.


The body depends on the flow of oxygen, minerals and other nutrients for normal daily living, especially for vigorous athletic activity. Reflexology is an enjoyable and easy way to keep things flowing and maintain proper balances within the body, which in turn provides the energy for those peak performances.


Sleep and rest are not synonymous. Everyone needs some time out!










Reflexology and Sports