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Reflexology is a gentle natural complimentary therapy that has been proven over the centuries to help the body cleanse itself of toxins, boost its immune system and rediscover its natural balance and find optimal health.  


A Reflexologist will never diagnose an illness, and should not claim to be able to cure a disease.


However the reflex points worked will help the person on the road to recovery very effectively sometimes even assisting with eradication of an illness.


Reflexology has been helping people for decades to overcome the many ailments and illnesses that we come across in our lives.


It has been proven to help when traditional medicine hasn’t. It's the perfect tonic to keep all of us in the best possible health.


Not only does Reflexology rebalance the natural harmony of the body, it is a really relaxing and enjoyable treatment aiding many to obtain a really good night’s rest immediately after treatment.



So what are the side effects from reflexology?  

Well...any side effects that you may feel from Reflexology are all beneficial as it’s your body’s way of healing itself following a treatment.  


Some of the side effects people have experienced are a sense of euphoria and deep relaxation and an increased need to flush the system.


Some people have experienced an emotional response to a treatment, but all of these reactions are positive as your body is working to eliminate toxins.  


One very important thing to remember is to drink plenty of water after a treatment and try to avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar as these take longer to digest.


It would be impossible to compile a list that includes all conditions that reflexology can help as there are simply too many!





Listed below are some generic conditions and problems that reflexology has had success treating:


•  Anxiety

•  Asthma

•  Arthritis

•  Back pain

•  Chronic illnesses - diabetes, MS

•  Depression

•  Digestive disorders

•  Fertility

•  Hormonal imbalances

•  Migraine

•  Pregnancy related conditions

•  Preparation for and priming of labour

•  Relaxation

•  Sinusitis

•  Skin disorders

•  Sleep disorders

•  Sports injuries

•  Stress

•  Stress related conditions


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