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Reflexology and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a disease! and would benefit greatly from Reflexology - after all it is a treatment to restore homeostasis (balance) in the body.


Sadly most reflexologists are trained to avoid treating pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy, as this is when most women are at risk of a miscarriage.


However, if Reflexology were to assist with miscarriage then surely a pregnant woman would be at risk any time she walked on uneven surface barefoot?


If you have a history of miscarriages and you are in any way worried that this treatment might cause you risk then you shouldn’t undertake having a treatment until you are past the first 3 months.


I would not be willing to treat anyone who had any doubts themselves, as this would not be beneficial to that person.


All I can say as a testimonial to this subject is that I had Reflexology the whole way through my pregnancy with my son and it helped tremendously. He even arrived a few days early at a very healthy 8lbs 8 oz.




This is one of the most heart-breaking times for women losing the much longed for baby.  


Reflexology can help once again to calm down the body after such a trauma and assist for future conception. It would even help to restore the system for those ladies just needing some recovery from a miscarriage, maybe through and unwanted pregnancy.


Reflexology is also beneficial to men throughout conception, so please don’t feel left out, you’re welcome to come along with your partner.



Stillbirth and late miscarriage

There isn’t much on this earth that is more traumatic than losing a child.  


The trauma, stress and extreme sadness we go through during this process needs several outlets. Reflexology can help highlight how this is affecting your body internally and help to rebalance this over a period of time.